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Hi Eric:

The Browns entire season can be encapsulated in this pivotal 3rd quarter play.

To reset:

Midway 3rd quarter, Browns are trailing by 10 pts, 13-3. But they are driving – in Pittsburgh territory. A TD will bring them within 3, at home, bring the crowd back into the game, and give them momentum going into the 4th quarter. Did anyone tell you that Bill Belicheat’s hated Patriots were behind Sunday by 24 points in the 3rd quarter – and won? Probably twice since breakfast. I know. (sidebar- oh well. His press conferences still suck)

It is 3rd and 7.

Pittsburgh is in their base 3-4 but with a little wrinkle, the LB’s were overloaded to the near side. But that’s a ruse. Two DB’s (Gay & Ex-Buckeye Will Allen) are cheating toward the line on the Browns left side:

IMG_1990 IMG_1984

After the snap, Allen & Gay blitz. Everyone this side of Elyria could see this coming, apparently the only one wearing a helmet and brown jersey that did was Ogbonnaya, who blocked Allen. But Cambell didn’t check out of it, the 2 receivers & TE were no help, all-pro Thomas missed it, as did Lauvano (not that it matters, he’s got the range of a freaking manatee anyway)

IMG_1985 IMG_1993

Here, Campbell’s in some pretty serious jeopardy. Ogbonnaya picks up Allen but that leaves Gay “unabated to the QB” as they say…..

IMG_1986    IMG_1987

Campbell takes a big hit, which put him out of the game,

IMG_1991    IMG_1988

while all 3 receivers are still running on whatever deep route tree they have in the playbook.  Notice that Little, Bess, and Cameron are all nearly 20 yards down field, not one of them has even so much as turned their head.


Cambell fumbles, Steelers recover..


Pittsburgh scored on the very next play. Game over. QB injured, perhaps for the season. Season over.

As has been the story of the season: Close – but no cohiba.